Personal Jurisdiction in the Borderless World of E-Commerce

The opening and phenomenal growth of the Internet has created a new body of law, ranging from topics as pedestrian as protocol issues to perhaps sexier Internet-specific crimes. Yet, when commercial dealings on the Internet result in litigation, and where the activity is interstate, any court’s first step is still to make the preliminary determination of whether there is in personam jurisdiction over the party or parties being sued.

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Prescriptions and Proscriptions: Specific Considerations When Representing Purchasers of Medical Practices

An attorney representing the purchaser of a medical practice must take into account all of the usual issues presented with any business transaction, but that attorney also must understand and be sensitive to the nuances uniquely affecting the medical profession. As with any business transaction, counsel needs to ensure that the assets being purchased are viable, intact, and free of liens, but perhaps even more than other businesses the fragile goodwill that goes along with those assets needs to be protected and preserved. Despite paying full value for a practice, a purchaser may discover that patients are reluctant to consult with a medical practitioner with whom they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable, which means the purchaser’s first interactions with patients are very important. Moreover, insurance and regulatory considerations create issues unique to the medical profession. When undertaking the representation of a purchaser, it is incumbent upon counsel to become familiar with these issues.

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Crowdfunding: Stumbling Out of the Gate?

Imagine if you would a crisp autumn morning with horses lined up at the starting gate, excited and skittish. Hundreds of horses of all breeds, ages and conditions. No racing experience is required. In this event, the jockeys are blindfolded and the type of track, distance and conditions under which they will be racing has not been revealed to them. Although the event is almost guaranteed to be chockfull of fouls, the stewards are only informed of the rules immediately before the opening of the gates, or perhaps even after the race is underway.

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Trusted Experts or Order Takers

With the collapse of the financial markets in 2007 and 2008, individuals having accounts with securities firms found their life savings depleted and, while large financial institutions were negotiating federal bailouts, distressed investors who previously believed their finances were in balanced and safe portfolios looked to their brokers for an explanation. Frequently, the brokers had little to say.

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Every attorney should give free consultation

While you cannot stop crime from happening, you can help others as your lawsuits against the responsible perpetrator will help them to improve their security and ensure that such crimes do not happen in the future. We can also help you with lawsuits against negligent parties for different issues such as inadequate security, wrong hiring practices and also lawsuits against schools.

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Nothing is more expensive than a cheap lawyer

If you belong to the low-income group, you can make use of large network of legal aid programs that operates on federal agents. You can use these programs and get free legal advice for your problem. Many online self-help legal websites provide free legal advice to people. You can submit your questions online on these websites and then they are answered by lawyers or paralegals.

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Are you too broke to go bankrupt?

You need to find a law office so that you can find the best representation that will be best for your business needs and is also affordable. One of the important thing that you need to consider is that the lawyer you hire is specialized in the industry you are starting a business. The lawyer will have clear idea about the industry and will know about the legal.

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How a lawyer can help your business

Starting a new venture can be exciting and challenging. It is important that you hire a lawyer too as all companies, irrespective of their size needs legal representation. When you start your business, you will find that you need legal guidance at every step and at different phases of the business life, from the initial incorporation to raising capital.

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